Garver Feed Mill

Garver Feed Mill location now open!

Over five years after our first meeting with the developers, our scoop shop and small production facility is open at Garver Feed Mill on the east side of Madison. Look for us inside the Ian’s Pizza there, where we’ll have 12 stationary flavors (five from our friends at the always-amazing Madison favorite Chocolate Shoppe and the seven Calliope flavors available at grocery stores) and up to four rotating flavors that we’ll make on-site based on what’s in season, what sounds interesting, how the planets are aligned, and who wants to collaborate with us.

As of October 6, 2021: House-made, small-batch flavors in the rotating ice cream window are: Concord Grape Sorbet / Mango Pickled Habanero Sorbet / Campari Grapefruit Sorbet / Gorgonzola Pear Ice Cream

Next up (maybe): Horchata Ice Cream; Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream; Kringle Cream Ice Cream; Apple Cider Sorbet

Past flavors include Kringle Cream ice cream (Kringle Cream liqueur base with Kringle pieces mixed in); Ging3r (the triple ginger — fresh, powdered, and candied ginger bits); State Line Coffee Liqueur (State Line Distillery’s Coffee Liqueur base with Ledger Coffee Roasters coffee infusion); Dirty Martini (gin and olive flavor base with small green olive/pimento bits), Blueberry Jalapeño (tons of fresh blueberries with a hint of jalapeño kick at the end); Sweet Corn (salty, buttery fresh corn); Fresh Tomato (tomatoes straight from the garden); Spicy Pecan & Maple (candied cayenne-spiced pecans in a maple base); Cracker Jack (caramel, peanuts, and popcorn); Fresh Peach (is anything better than fresh peaches in ice cream? No.); Pumpkin Pie (whipped cream and pie crust in a pumpkin base); Gingerbread Liqueur (Natural Spirits Gingerbread Liqueur with bits of crumbled gingerbread); Jalapeño Cornbread (cornbread cubes and minced jalapeños in a corn base); Horchata (rice in a cinnamon/vanilla base); Aviation (based on the cocktail made with gin, violette liqueur, maraschino liqueur, and lemon); Masala Chai (black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and black tea); Fruitcake (yes, that fruitcake with bits of fruitcake and wildly colored bits of candied fruit); Peppermint Mocha (peppermint and Ledger Coffee Roasters espresso in a chocolate base); Beet (blended roast beets with sweet yellow beet pieces); Goat Cheese (goat cheese with candied lemon peel); Green Goddess (fresh parsley, tarragon, chives, basil); Rum Raisin (raisins soaked in rum, then added to a rum-infused base); Mango-Lime Tajin (mango and lime base with a hint of Tajin seasoning); Cap’n Crunch (blended Cap’n Crunch cereal with whole Crunchberries); Bailey’s Run “Love” Almond Champagne (“Love” almond champagne from Bailey’s Run in New Glarus with sliced almonds); Horchata (rice in a cinnamon/vanilla base); Coffee & Donuts (Greenbush old-fashioned sour cream cake donuts in a Ledger espresso base); Pistachio: Spicy Pickled Carrot (Chef K Clark’s Spicy Carrot Pickles with Hot Chili Chow Chow mix-in); Matcha Green Tea (Very, very strong matcha green tea flavor); Mexican Vanilla-Black Currant (Nature Keepers Black Currant preserves in a Mexican Vanilla base); French 75 (Our version of the classic cocktail made with lemon, gin, and Bailey’s Run dry brut rose champagne); Banana Pudding (Ripe bananas with crushed wafer cookies); Grape Nuts (yes, the cereal… very malty!); Fruity Pebbles; Honey Gin Basil Smash (Natural Spirits Honey Gin with fresh basil); Ledger Espresso; Ledger Cardamom Mocha; Strawberry Balsamic; Bitter Lemon; Chocolate Sorbet; Key Lime Pie; Walnut Fig Bleu Cheese; Campari Grapefruit; 

Garver Feed Mill is an iconic turn-of-the-century building on Madison’s near East Side on the Capital City Trail, directly behind Olbrich Botanical Garden.  other tenants like NessAlla Kombucha, Sitka Salmon SharesKosa, Briar Loft, Ledger Coffee Roasters, and Perennial-East Yoga Studio. 

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Thursday: 11:00am – 9pm

Friday – Saturday: 11:00am – 10pm

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