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Adult Ice Cream Social

We had been thinking about doing something with the guys at MobCraft for a while. We were often sampling at the same food/drink events, having a great time foisting beer ice cream floats on suspicious event-goers, and thought it would be fun to have an ice cream social that would pair our ice cream and their beer in a more organized way (one where the attendees knew what they were getting into). Then we started working with the folks at Old Sugar Distillery when we put their Queen Jennie Whiskey in our Hearty Breakfast ice cream. The idea of an Adult Ice Cream Social really took off.

So on a Thursday in late July, we took over the second floor at Barrique’s West Washington location. There were Brandy Old Fashioned shakes (with OSD brandy), Graham Cracker shakes (with OSD whiskey), beer floats with MobCraft’s Cervezerita/our Lemon Lavender ice cream and Bat$h!t Crazy/our Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream. More in the mood for a sundae? We had all our ice cream available to top with Honey/Honey Liqueur topping, Whiskey Butterscotch, fresh whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles. Because even the booziest adult ice cream social needs sprinkles!

Lucky attendees left with an Old Sugar Distiller glass and a belly full of booze, beer, and ice cream. Success!

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